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Denying The Stylus

Science Fiction

Denying The Stylus
Brian D. Campbell

Denying The Stylus is a light sci-fi novella written by Brian D. Campbell that explores the mystery of time travel while revealing interesting facts about the life, and especially the death, of Edgar Allan Poe. The story is set in America’s oldest psychiatric hospital, and narrated by a long-term resident who believes he’s discovered a method to travel through time. Tristian Weare claims to have traveled to the past to meet with the inventor of the American detective story. He also has a dark secret to share, and he’s been waiting ten years for the right person to share it with. Denying The Stylus centers around a series of meetings between Tristian and Ethan Alstead—a reporter from Temporal Magazine. The meetings progress to an exciting and unexpected finish, with remarkable details of factual events and speculated theories about the death of Edgar Allan Poe.

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