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Whispers Within


Whispers Within
Matthew Olson

Nothing can go wrong while listening to a voice in your head, right? When Flynn’s life is saved with a whispered warning about a coming disaster, he decides he isn’t going crazy after all. More directives come along with hope—if he succeeds at his tasks, he’ll earn eternal salvation and be forgiven for a secret, dark deed he committed a while back. Along the way, he meets a beautiful and witty district attorney who wants to help him. The voice even indicates a romantic future if Flynn plays his cards right, assuming he even makes it through this alive. Meanwhile, a sick, twisted serial bank robber and his partner have their sights set on killing someone during their next heist. One particular bank is ripe for the picking, but it has also drawn the interest of Flynn and the DA... and not even the prognosticating entity whispering in Flynn’s head knows how it will all turn out in the end.

This book contains scenes of: sexual violence

Deal time: 01/12/2021 ⥂ 02/14/2021
Deal Price 3.99
Regular Price 5.99

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