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The Way Home

Action and Adventure

The Way Home
Tom Hicklin

As the War Between the States heats up, the 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry are sucked deeper into the maelstrom, and the boys of Company D quickly learn Antietam was just the beginning. At places like Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, The Wilderness, and Spotsylvania they fight to win...and survive. Meanwhile, on the home front, the losses take their toll. Families are torn apart, people are pushed to the brink by grief and despair, and the Galloway family is no exception. Illness and death hang over the family like a shroud. And through it all, one young man battles grief, guilt, and temptation as he struggles to stay alive long enough to make it home.

Deal time: 01/09/2021 ⥂ 02/11/2021
Deal Price 1.99
Regular Price 2.99

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