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Haunted: Purgatory


Haunted: Purgatory
Lee Mountford

The dead are suffering. Picking up immediately after the shocking climax of Haunted: Perron Manor, a paranormal research team is hired to help gather evidence and prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that Perron Manor is haunted. The owner of the house needs the Church to sanction an exorcism. It is the only way to free the souls of the dead who are trapped there and suffering in eternal torment. But the Church will not act without proof. However, the team soon discover that they are ill-equipped to handle the notorious house, or what it really is. Truths emerge that impact not only their fight for survival, but the very world around them. Can the team survive long enough to free the dead from Perron Manor, or will their souls be forfeit as well?

Deal time: 01/10/2021 ⥂ 03/09/2021
Deal Price 4.99
Regular Price 5.99

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