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Jane Knight Rogue Officer

Action and Adventure

Jane Knight Rogue Officer
Leon Edwards

A new intelligent agency to tackle company’s funding terrorism with their resources that are a threat to English soil. A new female agent recruited. A former MI6 agent partners up with her. The agency first assignment to track down the company that manufactured and supplied Novichok in the Salisbury incident. The CEO officer of a multi-million pound conglomerate company, who is responsible, goes rogue. Can the two industrial espionage spy’s track down the threat through Nice, Monte Carlo, Cayman Islands, and eventually Switzerland. There may also be an organisation that the intelligence community has never heard of, hiding in plain sight. Read this thriller-packed adventure to find out if they can stop the rogue officer from anymore devastation. Read the book now.

Deal time: 12/29/2020 ⥂ 01/31/2021
Deal Price 1.99
Regular Price 2.99

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