Rules you must know!

The Social Reads’ social media sharing contest takes place weekly from Monday morning PST to the following Sunday at 9pm (21:00) PST. Players must be logged in to earn points. Below are detailed rules for the game:


• The Social Reads content sharing contest is open to USA or Canada residents 18 years of age or older.

• It is the sole responsibility of the Amazon gift card winner to protect his or her code. It is not the responsibility of Social Reads to keep or re-issue lost Amazon gift card codes.

• The contest winner shall abide by the terms and conditions of Amazon in the use of any and all gift cards. See Amazon’s terms and conditions regarding gift cards for further details.

• Contest winners are announced on the Social Reads scoreboard page weekly. All winners are automatically chosen based solely on rank by the completing the required tasks of sharing content. Please see our Contest Rules for details.

• All Amazon gift cards are redeemable for its cash value on, or subject to replacement with a new gift certificate at no cost to the purchaser or holder in the event of a technical issue.

• In the event of a website failure prior to announcing a winner, the subscriber with the highest sharing score prior to the failure shall be deemed winner and will be reflected on the Social Reads scoreboard.

• Sharing the link of any book details page will earn 1 point.

• At the end of the contest, the subscriber with the most points by the deadline (see “Points Scoreboard”) wins.

• There can be only 1 winner at contest end. In the event of multiple subscribers ending with the same point total, the one that reached the highest number first wins.

• As outlined in our TOS, registrants are tracked by their IP address. Therefore, if we detect bot activity in an attempt to earn points, that user will risk a permanent ban.

• Book links cannot be shared multiple times with the same social media service. Example: Book “A” can be shared on Twitter only once, but can be shared on Facebook and/or Pinterest for additional points (once each).

• For any rules that are unclear, feel free to contact us via our “Contact Us” page.

• The point goal as well as Amazon gift card amount is subject to change based on number of book submissions. However, there will never be a change mid-contest.

Have fun!